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June 13, 2020

mid-june weekend planning
posted by soe 1:23 am


We’ve made it to the weekend again, and honestly it didn’t get here fast enough. I’m feeling burnt out and exhausted, which seems ridiculous for a life that involves rarely leaving my couch. Which is probably the problem, come to think of it.

So this weekend, I’m hoping for less couch time and hoping for more time:

  • Riding my bike — maybe I’ll be super ambitious and bike over to the Arlington library to return a book.
  • Walking — if I get up early enough, I should head over to the bank in Georgetown for quarters.
  • Tending the garden — I have some old potatoes that should go in the ground, and I’d like to plant some beans. Plus the herb section of the garden is being overrun by lemon verbena and mint that should be cut back.
  • Baking — I should take advantage of the cooler weather and Rudi’s planned absences to fire up the oven.
  • Reading and knitting in the park — The weather is supposed to be just gorgeous. We were outside until nearly 10 this evening and weren’t the last ones to leave.
  • Getting takeout — I’m thinking pizza for supper and a drink from one of my local shops.
  • Sending some mail — I was really good at reaching out to friends earlier in the pandemic, but I’ve fallen back on bad, non-card-sending habits that I’d like to break.

What are you hoping your weekend includes?

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