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April 25, 2020

final april weekend planning
posted by soe 1:06 am

Oranges from the Office

April has simultaneously been the longest month and also sped by unchecked, probably because many of the traditional ways we use to mark time have fallen by the wayside. I have not gotten up on the weekend yet and tried to join my weekday morning video chat, but I know that it’s only a matter of time…

Ojai PIxie Tangerines and Avocados

However, this is the last weekend of the month, and here’s some of how I hope to spend it:

  • Getting literary: Perhaps against my better judgement, I’m thinking heavily about watching some Zoom webinars with authors. Nationals pitcher and indie bookstore ambassador Sean Doolittle is joining V.E. Schwab for what would have been Independent Bookstore Day. YallWest was supposed to be this weekend (I think), so they’re having two days of YallStayHome instead. However, I have noticed since I spend so much of my workday on video chats that I have way less patience for long calls. It may be that I cancel all the sessions I signed up for after the first one tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is also Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon. I have no intention of reading for 24 hours straight, but they invite people to participate, no matter how much or little of that time you’ll read during. I’m still enjoying The Flatshare and I just picked up Less out of the local Little Free Library while out on a walk this evening. It’s not too late to join me for any of those activities.
  • Eating strawberries and citrus. I splurged on a box of tangerines and avocados from an orchard in California, which arrived this afternoon. And this morning, a box of oranges arrived as a gift from the office. My kitchen smells delightful. Plus, strawberries are starting to come into season down here, so I have ordered a “bucket of strawberries” to pick up at the farmers market on Sunday.
  • Biking across town tomorrow to drop a little care package off on a friend’s deck. It’ll be nice to do a slightly longer ride.
  • Tracking down some strawberry plants to put in the garden. I’m hoping the hardware store has them, because I also need to buy a toilet seat, because ours just cracked tonight. (Irritating, since it hasn’t been all that long since we last replaced it, but better the seat than the toilet itself.)
  • Baking, because we’re running low on brownies and Oreos and are out of shortbread. I’ve pulled the butter out the past two days without converting it into another form.
  • Drinking strawberry daiquiris, because the blender has been sitting on the butcher block for more than a week now and it’s inconvenient to have it be there without our using it. (It lives on top of the fridge normally, but clearly you cannot mix drinks up there.)
  • Talking to a friend. She was just wrapping up recuperation from surgery when social distancing went into effect, so I know she must be eager to hear from folks.
  • Helping Rudi put stamps on campaign literature. 8,000 stamps arrived at the Burrow this afternoon, so I’m thinking he might need some assistance. Maybe I can do that while watching webinars in between knitting and snacking?
  • Shopping locally (and remotely). D.C. is doing a Small Business Saturday event tomorrow (similar to the Saturday after Thanksgiving) to try to support our local entrepreneurs through e-commerce during this tough time. I was lucky enough to get a stimulus check, so would like to get some of the birthday shopping I need to do for the next couple months taken care of and show some love to the businesses, restaurateurs, and artisans who help to make this city unique.
  • Tidying. Sunday is supposed to be stormy, so I hope to get some of those organizational chores done I keep putting on my weekend lists without the actual intention of following through on them.
  • Sleeping in. I’ve been so drowsy lately (subterranean living and rainy/cloudy days do not help, although the lovely little UV lights my folks shipped me last week do make a difference), and there is absolutely nowhere I need to be tomorrow morning.

Honestly, just reading that list makes me tired. So I’m going to wash the dishes and go to bed.

What’s on tap for your weekend? Sleeping in? Crafts? A walk in the woods?

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