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April 27, 2020

pretty productive; still a mess
posted by soe 1:12 am

And, there, my friends is the best, most succinct and accurate title I’ll ever write. I could rename the blog…

But in this instance, it summarizes my weekend:

I went to the farmers market and also bought a print of our local bookstore online, which benefits the local soup kitchen. I failed to actually support any of our local businesses, but do so in the future.

We came up with a temporary fix to the toilet seat, which meant that I did not get to see if our local hardware store had strawberry plants. The market did not, but they did have herbs, so I bought basil and thyme, but did not go down to the garden in between storms, because I realized that it should drain a bit more.

I rode across town to drop off a care package at a friend’s back door, but then her kitchen door was open and I unintentionally got to say hi when I startled her. I also got to say hi to a friend further afield on the phone. We both made cocoa and got caught up. (On an utterly tangential note, I biked through the sand volleyball courts, where they’ve taken down the nets for the first time ever since I’ve lived here. It’s like a ghost court, filled with watery courts and unadorned poles and boundary markers that have been washed askew.)

I watched a number of video sessions with authors, and, because my camera wasn’t on, it felt more like I was watching them on tv. That meant spending all that time on my laptop didn’t tire me out like actually being on a video chat does. I did doze off during the first session today, but who knows that besides me and Rudi (and now all of you)? I also added a number of authors to check out when the library reopens. I did not finish reading any novels, but I am further along than I had been, so I’m counting it as a win.

Rudi had bought ice cream last week when he went shopping, so that removed the urgent need to bake. But I did pick up a literal bucket of strawberries at the market today, so shortcake will be part of their usage. We also ate the last of the brownies so I could use the pan, when I do get to the kitchen.

A campaign volunteer asked for a task, so I did not have to stamp 8,000 postcards. I like campaign volunteers, because then I don’t have to be one.

I failed at the tidying/organizing bit of the weekend. I moved some things around on one surface and cleared off a corner of the coffee table so we could have both my laptop and a cheese board on it, but that was pretty much the extent of it. There’s always tomorrow, right? (Cue Jessica from Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.)

I hope you also had a nice and productive weekend, and that if tidying was something you actually wanted to do, rather than something you felt you should include in your weekend plans, that you got to it.

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