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April 4, 2020

pre-holiday weekend planning
posted by soe 1:23 am


The upcoming week holds several friends’ birthdays, the start of Passover, and the Easter holidays. Which means I should get some things done this weekend to prepare:

  • Send out some mail. I dug out my stationery box today, which makes that easier.
  • Buy batteries. We’re out of AAs and AAAs and now have to rob Peter to pay Paul, gadget-wise.
  • Make some calls. I’ve been okay about checking in with the folks I know in the hardest hit areas or who are in healthcare careers, but haven’t made phone calls.
  • Pay some bills. I am lucky in that because I am still working full-time, I am still getting my usual paycheck. I know that’s not true of everyone, so I’m super grateful.
  • Have a living room dance party. I am the only one excited by this, which means it often gets dropped off the list, despite it being low-hanging fruit.
  • Bake something with my sourdough discard and/or the pie crusts I pulled out of the freezer last week. Rudi would probably be very excited if I finally turned that sugar pumpkin that’s been sitting around the Burrow since the fall into the pumpkin pie that he loves.
  • Find my UFOs and my mending pile. Sort them, and figure out how to tackle one a couple mending projects a week.
  • Read something. I’ve mentioned that I’m having trouble concentrating on paper books right now, but audiobooks seem to be okay. Rudi and I started listening to Good Omens earlier this evening
  • Paint my nails.
  • Sleep in.

What are you thinking about doing this weekend?

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