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April 20, 2020

weekending accomplishments
posted by soe 1:40 am

Mid-April Lushness

Am I the only person who loses an entire day each weekend? Are you all being more productive with your Saturdays than I am?

Luckily, Sundays roll around and I seem to get enough done, or, at least, did this week, to make myself not feel horrible about my time off.

Yesterday I caught up on sleep. And then I … took a nap. I did help Rudi hang a few signs late at night for the political campaign he’s working on and then do a load of laundry. Oh, and I listened to some of one my audiobooks while Rudi was playing that concert on tv.

Today, though, I cut up a huge squash I bought over the winter. (Sure, I didn’t actually roast it, but it needed to be in pieces first…) I went to the farmers market and came home with way too many goodies, including yeast, flour, and jam from one of the bakers; the first strawberries, asparagus, and morels of the season; and bags of greens. Rudi and I will be eating salads until we turn green.

I rode my bike up to a pop-up plant stand a couple miles up the road. I had assumed it would be closed this year, but it must sneak in as a farm market. I was hoping for strawberry plants, but they’d sold out. I bought some leeks (they look like chives) and a dahlia (pink and white in the shot above) and a gerbera daisy (red). They were overpriced for what I am used to, but things are harder to get this year, so I guess we’ll just go with it. That’s why the government gave me that money, right?

I took a circuitous route from there to the garden, where I spent a couple hours puttering. I thinned arugula and yanked a lot of weeds and have started to pull the violet greens, since that season is starting to wrap up. I think I also accidentally pulled out my lily of the valley greens (but not the roots), which is frustrating, as I was trying to figure out where the garden’s water source was leaking in my plot.

I spoke with my parents, painted my nails (pink, orange, and teal), did a (very) little knitting, and watched some tv, too.

I think I’ll set up the bread machine to bake us some breakfast before I go to bed. I’ll have to do some baking tomorrow evening or maybe as a break after my last conference call in the afternoon (Mondays have 5-6 of them). Maybe I’ll make a small shortcake with those first stawberries.

I also want to get a couple more things done before bed (like washing the dishes and figuring out a spot for that cut squash), so I think I’ll bid you all a good night. Until tomorrow!

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