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April 11, 2020

posted by soe 1:54 am


My plan for this weekend looks a lot like the rest of my week, except that it starts later in the day.

We’ve got video chats planned both days — one with college friends (and with whom we’ve not been in the same spot all together in nearly two decades) and one with my family.

I’m going to go to the garden. There are more violets to pick and lettuces to thin. There are communal chores to be completed alone (or, at least, alone with Rudi if he’s around).

The farmers market continues to be open on Sunday, although they’ve got new plans in place to cut down on exposure, and they’ve closed the composting. We can still take ours to the garden, but it’s definitely more work that way.

I expect to do some baking. The sourdough starter needs to be fed, which means it’s a good day to make bread. I have a shortbread recipe I want to bake, once Rudi tells me where he’s organized my semolina to. Plus, I might make scones for Sunday’s breakfast or pie our supper.

I need to do some tidying, because while I’ve got spots where one person can do a video chat respectably, that spot is not my couch, where both of us can sit together.

I’d like to send some mail. The stationery box is out, although it’s not especially well organized, and I keep having to sort through everything in my quest to find the type of card I’m looking for.

I hope to do some knitting. I wound a new ball of yarn during a call earlier this week. Plus, I have several projects I’m already working on.

I’d love it if Rudi wants to listen to some more of Good Omens. Or maybe Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I understand the free copy that’s floating around all the libraries may be the Stephen Fry version (heretofore not available in the U.S.), and I’d love to see how he measures up to Jim Dale’s recitation. On my own, I’m listening to the the third Inspector Gamache novel and have Meg Cabot’s Size 12 Is Not Fat for if that gets too tense to listen to late at night.

There is always laundry to be done, although we are down to our last roll of quarters. Acquiring more requires hitting an atm for cash and then finding a bank that will exchange bills for coins. The one by our apartment has closed for the time being, but Rudi thinks there may be one nearby that’s still open, at least some days.

I have to get some extra walking in. I did better this week at getting outside after work had wrapped up, but my activity level is still way below where I’d be under normal circumstances.

And, finally, I’ll need to queue up some Jesus Christ Superstar and Gene Autry, since I won’t be at my folks’ place to hear our traditional Easter tunes.

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