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January 11, 2020

january weekend planning
posted by soe 1:24 pm

Oops! Apparently in my haste to finish my post and go to bed, I forgot the key step of hitting publish. Here’s my weekend planning, now partway in:

I think this is the last weekend I’ll have without plans for a while, although there’s a possibility that bowling doesn’t start until the following week. Volleyball does kick off this coming week, so at the very least it’s the final week where my physical activities consist only of walking and cycling. (Don’t be impressed by the cold-weather biking; it’s pretty much just the couple miles to work in the morning. And even then it’s only because I’m impatient and a procrastinator and would rather leave for wherever I’m going at the latest possible moment.)

Anyway, how am I thinking I’ll spend these next two uninterrupted days of inactivity?

I have some fun things lingering from Christmas (movies I wanted to watch and a couple other things), so Rudi and I may queue up some dvds after he gets back from ski coaching tomorrow and Sunday.

I put a bunch of things on hold at the library and then failed to put some of those holds on pause, so I have nine (!!) books waiting at the local branch. I also have a couple dvds they’d like back, so I’ll take a walk down there and then tote my treasure home.

My living room once again looks like hobos reside in it while I’m at work. I mean, sure, they’re using Rudi’s and my stuff, but I’m certain that’s just a coincidence, right?

Laundry must be done so I don’t have to wear fun but uncomfortable underwear to work this week. (I refuse to believe I’m the only one here swayed by cute patterns at the store only to find elastics will not stay in the right spot when you want to do something strenuous like walk more than a dozen steps.)

We also need to then take down the Christmas tree. Ornaments are starting to slide down branches, and I fear breakable baubles will soon fail to defy gravity.

And finally, I hear rumors that the sun will peek out at some point over the weekend — likely on Sunday — at which point I will drop whatever I’m doing (unless it’s breakable, in which case I will carefully put it down first) and run outside to soak up some wintry rays. The sun is back to setting after 5 p.m., so that could potentially include quite a few hours outside reading and/or knitting. Hooray!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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