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January 6, 2020

early january weekending
posted by soe 1:43 am

I captured only the low-hanging fruit this weekend. I slept in. I got outside (in a steady drizzle yesterday and the sun today). I went to the library (and the grocery store and the farmers market). I stopped by the garden to take down the last of the vegetable cages and stakes I’d left up in November.

I left a message for my friend. I raced through The Art of Theft. (I now need to track down Sherry Thomas’ The Heart of the Blade series for more of a crossover character.)

Other projects proved more high-jump than hurdle. I thought about doing laundry, but then decided having the drying rack in the shower (where we put it during the Christmas season to avoid giving cats a perch from which to bat at upper-level ornaments) would be inconvenient to my pre-work trip shower. I looked for semolina flour for the shortbread, but didn’t buy any. I’m not sure emptying one bag and vacuuming really constitutes tidying. I took my shawl with me, but didn’t actually sit down to knit. I spent too much time playing on my phone and not enough writing Christmas cards. I read instead of writing that best of 2019 post, which I suppose was a fair trade. And I watched a terrible Christmas-themed sitcom instead of a terrible Christmas-themed movie, which was probably an improvement.

Luckily, as Karen noted in her comment to me, it’s too early in the year to feel guilty over how a weekend is spent (particularly after a month of feeling guilty for not accomplishing more most weekends). Volleyball doesn’t start for another week, so I can spend tomorrow evening finishing my Christmas correspondence. And maybe I can set aside another evening for finishing my shawl. After all, how awesome will it be to have my first finished object of the year so early in January?

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