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December 31, 2006

knitting ’06
posted by soe 7:59 pm

Well, another year has come and gone. One of my 2006 resolutions was to keep more of my knitting for myself. Let’s see how I did:

  • Seven pairs of socks, three of which I kept for myself. (My November socks were finished, have been worn and photographed, but remain unposted.)
  • A scarf for Mum, the first I’ve made since that first fall of knitting, aka Christmas present #2. (Photos of this and a couple of the other projects to come in a few days.)
  • A shawl for me, using yarn originally bought for someone else, that perfectly matched a dress I found for a wedding. Nothing justifies selfish knitting like perfect coordination of colors. Unfortunately, peach mohair does not look spiffy on a dark blue suit, so Rudi might wish I’d given this away after all.
  • A tank top for me that slides down in front to reveal my bra. I need to pull it apart and shorten the straps so I can wear it again.
  • A darling little hat for my cousin’s baby and a grown-up hat for a friend. Plus, a roll-brim hat for me (my favorite knitted item regardless of its simplicity), made out of pinky-purply Woolarina merino.
  • A tiny baby sweater for my friend’s son.
  • Several cotton chenille washcloths, all of which were gifts, although not all have been sent to their recipients. (Bad me!)
  • A purse for me that still needs sewing up. How sad….
  • Christmas present #1, which I have yet to give to its recipient. What could it be?

I think that’s it….

I also bought a ton of yarn and a cabinet in which to keep said yarn and was given a swift by Rudi’s mom and a ball-winder by Mum. I learned how to turn heels, pick up stitches, make button-holes, knit cables, and identify several yarns by sight and feel (this last one was accidental, I assure you).

I joined the Knitting Olympics and the Knitting World Cup. I participated in some yarn swaps. And I made some new knitting friends.

What’s on the sticks for next year? I’m thinking of winding up the yarn and then swatching for my cardigan next. And finishing the reknit of the hat I made Dad (which didn’t fit) back in 2005. And more socks with all that lovely sock yarn I bought. And ….

Pardon me, I’ve got to get busy knitting!

Happy New Year, folks!

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