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February 27, 2006

olympic output
posted by soe 11:05 am

unfinished mousiesThinking over the Olympics experience, I’d like to believe that if this had been the sort of event that awarded three medals that I might have come home with the bronze. A silver would have been booties with ears. Gold would have been complete mousies like the pair in the front. But alas, this is an event with a Yoda mentality: Do or do not, there is no try. So while a baby could put on all four booties — Okay, two babies could put on all four booties … Right! A parent or two could put all four booties on two babies — the pair in the back does not resemble the intended finished objects.

the Olympic outputBut lest you think that all I have been doing since February 12th has been taking naps, I offer to you proof that I have really been busy.

The hat in the back is for my friend Jason. I didn’t quite get it finished in time for our visit in St. Louis Saturday night and we ended up not seeing each other on Sunday when it was done. The balloon like things on the right are the ears I need to stitch together and stick on the purple pair of booties.

Now all I need to know is should I give the mousies’ whiskers a trim or leave them Fu Manchu mousies?

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