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December 7, 2006

moonshadow, company, and comfort
posted by soe 7:08 am

It’s been a rough week; I’m hoping yesterday was the low point and that we’re headed toward higher ground today. In the meantime, three beautiful things from the last week of working late:

1. The moon was full this week and bright against the clear, black winter sky. By the time I leave the office, it has cleared all the downtown buildings and just hangs over H Street, wishing me a good night.

2. My friend Sarah stayed late at work last night for an extra FIVE hours in order to help me finish assembling materials for the meeting. She never complained about how disorganized I was, and she is the only reason I made it out before midnight.

3. Rudi had a hot pot of tea and a warm embrace waiting for me when I finally got home around 10:30. Both were necessary and truly appreciated.

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