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December 1, 2006

candy canes
posted by soe 11:33 am

How long are candy canes good for?

I want to know because I bought a dozen last year to be a centerpiece for our tree-trimming party. I don’t like mint, so it’s up to Rudi to eat the red, white, and green ones afterwards. But Rudi tends not to eat a lot of candy, so the canes are still sitting in the glass I placed them in a year ago.

If I dust them off is it kosher to use them again on Sunday for this year’s festivities? I mean, what are the odds someone is going to want to eat one? And if they do, will the candy still be okay? Or will it have undergone some strange transformation the way chocolate turns white and chalky if left too long? (Sarah, since you’re the only one coming to the party who reads the blog, consider yourself forewarned!)

Or should I just spring for a new $1.20 box for 2006?

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