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December 15, 2006

christmas cards
posted by soe 5:44 pm

If you haven’t received a Christmas/New Year/Hannukah/Solstice card from me yet and were expecting one, well, it’s because they’ve not yet been sent out.

But rest assured that the only thing that’s holding me up from sending them on their way to you is writing the cards and addressing the envelopes.

I want the card to mean something — and to be able to spend a few minutes thinking of you as I’m writing it. We don’t use an auto-pen or e-signature here in the Burrow.

So chalk it up to the fact that I have not had adequate time to spend thinking about you in a meaningful way — and that I will … soon.

In the meantime, accept my generic good wishes and love and appreciation and wishes for a happy holiday season for you and yours.

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