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May 2, 2006

project complete!
posted by soe 1:23 am

The medals plaza has been disassembled. The hotels’ vacancy signs have been up long enough to fade in the sun. And the only medalist we can name is the Flying Tomato.

But languishing in a small corner of my world, the Olympic flame flickered still.

The mousie socks remained unfinished.

But tonight, in the spirit of closure, I decided to put down the toe of my sock and pick up my sewing needle. Three hours later, the last pair of booties have ears, eyes, noses, and whiskers. The knitting albatross is gone from around my neck. My Knitting Olympics project is complete.

finished mousies

And the best part is that the babies still haven’t arrived (they are due in July but expected in June). This leaves me enough time to come up with a cute little boy project for 20-month-old Jack.

Yes, I’ve finished 2 months later than planned. But like the marathoner who crawls over the finish line in the dark of night, I have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s over and that I finally attained the goal I set for myself.

Note: Thanks to Sarah, Suzanne, and Grace who periodically asked about the booties. I’m grateful that you cared enough not to let me leave the booties languishing too long.

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Yeah team!! They are incredibly cute and I’m happy for the little guys that they are know whole.

Comment by Suzanne 05.02.06 @ 8:42 am