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September 21, 2006

recent acquisitions
posted by soe 1:46 am

striped baby socksThis is my September Sock-a-Month 2 contribution and the most recent finished objects in my collection.

Rudi’s boss had his first grandbaby last week, so I thought it would be nice to send along a gift. The pair is made of Cascade Fixation and is pretty much a straight-up Magic Loop adaptation of the Baby Fixation Socks. Rudi picked out the yarn from my stash and picked this pattern over another one. They are very quick to knit up (doable in a day, really) and immediately elicit “Awwwwwws” from all the women in my office because they are just so deliciously tiny. (And, yes, that’s a quarter in the photo for perspective.)

striped baby socks striped baby socks

(Click on the photos to open them in a larger format.)

Also, as promised earlier, I offer you some recent fibery goodness as well as some of the other pretty things that insisted on coming home with us from Salt Lake:

Jojoba oil and aloe vera make my coat shine!
Jeremiah munching on my yarn
This is the yarn I bought at Black Sheep Wool Company. Pardon the contrast on this photo. Apparently Jeremiah has a taste for jojoba oil and I had to quickly step in to prevent him from unraveling the new yarn down to the core. He also liked that orange alpaca….

Pretty pottery
I bought these ramekins at the Avenues Street Fair. They came with a copy of a recipe for crème brûlée that I will need to try in the next few weeks (once I figure out what I packed it in).

Green Green Glass
Green Glass
These is one of the goblets I bought. They’re made from recycled wine bottles and are, as Jenn suspected, made by Green Glass.

Upon closer inspection
Green Glass detail
As Mum mentioned, my great-grandfather also used to do this sort of work. My grandmother owns a beautiful lamp he made out of a used wine jug that he etched with deer and that’s filled with green glass beads. However, I think Gramma might object if I tried to drink out of her lamp….

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Awww, teeny socks!! And Pretty Kitty!!

Yay for Green Glass glasses! I so love their work 🙂

(that’s about all I’m coherent enough to say this morning!)

Comment by Jenn 09.21.06 @ 6:07 am

The socks are adorable! And the yarn, and the pottery, and the green glass — I see it was definitely a great trip!

Comment by amanda 09.22.06 @ 10:50 am

Awwww, adorableness in socks. And the green glass – I love it!

Comment by Teri P 09.30.06 @ 7:23 pm

I remember seeing these posted over at SAM2! I LOVE the fixation as a baby sock!! And I would think it would stay on better because of the stretch in it. Hey did you know there is a KAL for the fixation??

Comment by Lynn 10.04.06 @ 1:56 pm