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October 12, 2021

top ten favorite bookish settings
posted by soe 1:51 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday at That Artsy Reader Girl invites us to share our favorite bookish settings:

  1. The beach (It’s not enough on it’s own to make me bring a book home, but it’s always enough to make me read the blurb.)
  2. Christmastime (Ditto. And, actually, it’s usually enough to make me take the book out from the library.)
  3. London (In pretty much any era.)
  4. D.C. (Unless they do a terrible job of it. I stopped reading a book once because of the way they described the fountain in Dupont Circle.)
  5. Victorian England (The setting of many of my favorite cozy detective series.)
  6. New England (Again, unless they do a terrible job of it. I gave up on a book recently because she used a real Connecticut town in the entirely wrong part of the state.)
  7. Autumn (Everyone’s just happier in fall.)
  8. The 1920s (It always seems such a glamorous time…)
  9. Modern Paris (I’m less interested in it as historic setting, but I’d be delighted to follow cat burglars up the Eiffel Tower or into the Louvre.)
  10. The 1980s (Many of my school years were in this decade, which means I have a nostalgic fondness novels (particularly y.a./kidlit) sprinkled with banana clips and Trapper Keepers.)

How about you? What places or times immediately make you give a book a second look?

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