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July 22, 2019

sunday night reflections
posted by soe 1:46 am

By my weekend’s to-do list, I’ve had great success. We swam, watched Endeavour before we missed out on it, saw some of the Apollo 11 festivities, and enjoyed Hamlet. I bought eggs and milk and a bag of heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market (among other things) and cat food and Oreos at the store. We watered the garden and picked everything ripe. (I’ll have to weed later in the week when the cool weather returns, since apparently weeds, like tomatoes, really enjoy heat waves.)

I ripped out the last four rows of the shawl to get back to the right number of stitches, listening to Peter Mayle’s The Vintage Caper while doing so. I am 16 rows away from finishing the first third of the shawl. I wonder how many more times I’ll have to knit them!

And I even found the title to my car, among other things.

But now the Burrow looks like it suffered through an earthquake with everything strewn about. Putting the apartment to rights will be high on this week’s to-do list when I’m not out doing other, more interesting things, like going to a baseball game and playing volleyball and enjoying a beautiful forecast. Which, honestly, possibly means the apartment is going to look a lot like this for the rest of the week. But I will at least tidy up some of the mess because two adults (and an adult cat) do live here after all.

Yeah, I laughed, too.

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