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July 13, 2019

bastille day weekend planning
posted by soe 1:48 am

Patriotic Cocoa

I’m surprisingly tired, so I’m going to post this quickly, wash the handful of dishes, and then slip into bed next to Rudi.

What are you planning for this weekend?

It’s still supposed to be around 90, but the humidity is supposed to dip down into the sub-50% range, so I’m going to try to spend some time in the garden getting beans into the ground before it’s too late to do that for the season. Then I’m going to lounge by the pool.

I’m going to watch some of the Tour de France and maybe some of the Wimbledon finals (go, Serena!) and I’m going to knit — carefully — quite a bit. I’d like to be most of the way through the solid purple section by the end of the weekend, but that will only happen if I have to rip less than I have been doing this past week.

I finished Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors before picking up my laptop tonight. I’d need to return it and a couple other things to the library and pick up a couple holds and the first of my summer reading prizes, if they haven’t already given it away.

I need to find my car’s title this week, which means actually doing the hard work of looking through the papers in our apartment, rather than just saying I’m going to. The insurance will need to be renewed two weeks from today and while I can let it sit where it is without insurance, I’d rather not in case I need to move it. Plus, I’d like to drive it locally one or two more times before I have to give it away and I absolutely cannot do that if I don’t have the title, because what if it dies someplace absolutely inconvenient? Three cylinders means my car and I cannot take one more three-hour drive to the beach, but probably does mean we can take a three-mile drive for Connecticut-style pizza, although obviously my poor old car will have the final say about that. Honestly, I’m crying writing about that, so let’s move on.

Sunday is Bastille Day, so I will either decide we’re going to have crepes or raclette for supper or take myself out for la glace from one of the French restaurant ice cream carts during the afternoon. Maybe both. Or maybe neither and my celebration will only go as far as colored sugar on my chocolat chaud.

Once again, I’m behind in my job applying, so some of that needs to happen tomorrow morning. And I have to do some chores, because Laundry Mountain is threatening to avalanche onto our bed while we sleep and because I no longer need to block Corey from getting to the living room window. And I need to go to the farmers market because our compost bin is full and I do not have enough berries in my life and maybe to the bagel shop because fresh bagels are really nice on a weekend.

Anyway, none of that can happen if I don’t go to sleep. Have a great weekend, whatever you choose to do with it!

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