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July 1, 2019

final june weekending
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Enid Haupt Garden

It was a quiet final weekend in June.

Yesterday was one of our garden work days. It was miserably hot and humid under the full, blaring sun, and, as one of our fellow gardeners said, it did not take long before you felt like a turkey with a pop-up thermometer, where when you reached a certain temperature, you were done.

After pulling the last of our lettuce, Rudi and I stopped for milkshakes on our way home as a reward for our work. And then I took a nap as a reward for having gotten up early.

While I was asleep, Rudi managed to get our swollen window closed and then got the air conditioner working. It’s a nice change to live in the cool again. It meant that when Rudi turned on the oven to make pizza, it wasn’t completely miserable. (To be honest, I suspect we both would have passed on the pizza if we’d had to bake along with it.)

This morning, I headed to the farmers market, where I found both red and black raspberries (but no yellow raspberries yet). I also came home with our first ears of corn (so sweet!) for the season and a flat of sour cherries at Rudi’s request for turning into pies.

This afternoon, we headed down to the Mall for Folklife Festival. Apparently the D.C. focus was only on Saturday, but we still got to hear some good music on a still hot, but less humid, afternoon. And we were pleasantly surprised to discover there was also a small, local international food festival going on, so we stopped for some locally brewed lavender limeade and a tofu bun.

Tofu Bun and Lavender Limeade

Then we biked over to the pool for the last hour. It was understandably packed, but felt so refreshing. We stopped to water our plot again, and encountered the mom and baby bunny happily munching through our vegetables. They enjoyed the last of my shelling peas I’d left on the vine to pick later this week. I hope they don’t like peppers or tomatoes…

Baby Bunny in My Neighbor's Plot

How was your weekend?

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