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July 6, 2019

post-fourth weekend planning
posted by soe 1:29 am

Evening's Light

Rudi and I started off our weekend well with a surprising text from friends who were home and wondering if we wanted to see a film. We watched Echoes in the Canyon, a documentary by and starring Jakob Dylan about the early days of the music scene in Laurel Canyon in L.A., and then went out for drinks to catch up. It was a nice way to begin the weekend, and I hope it will continue pleasantly and include some of the following:

  • Swimming.
  • Watching the Tour de France and knitting. (More details on the latter tomorrow.)
  • Following the World Cup final. I caught some of the opening round matches, so I think it might be okay if I watch Sunday’s, but if they start doing poorly, clearly I’ll have to abort the plan.
  • Working on some job hunt-related things.
  • Baking.
  • Doing laundry.
  • Planting beans and harvesting mint in the garden.
  • Drinking home-brewed iced tea (Our current flavor is Hibiscus Raspberry Currant) in Arnold Palmers and maybe making daiquiris.
  • Dancing to upbeat music. (I don’t do this often enough.)
  • Phoning a couple friends to mark major life events.

How about you? What do you hope your weekend will hold?

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