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July 5, 2019

camaraderie, cavernous, and refreshing
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July 4th

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. I’ve probably said this before, but I love seeing superhero movies on opening weekend, because there is an incredible vibe in the theater from people who love the genre and the format and who can’t wait to find out what this story holds for them. It’s like a communal form of reading. We caught Spiderman: Far from Home on Tuesday night at the Uptown and while it wasn’t a sold-out crowd, there were a lot of people there. And you could just tell that we were all excited to find out where Marvel was going to take us in our next adventures. This iteration of Spiderman is a sweet one and this was no exception, with Peter and his classmates off on a European summer trip in which Peter plans a romantic scenario to let M.J. know he’s in love with her. We aww’ed and we buzzed and we gasped at all the appropriate moments and generally left the theater pleased with the movie and our time together.

Dupont Underground

2. Like many cities, D.C. used to have a system of streetcars to transport people around the area. Dupont Circle was home to its only underground station, built in in 1949 and used for the next 13 years until the streetcars were taken offline in favor of buses. The station spent the next decade or so as a bomb shelter, but then was abandoned until the 1990s, when a developer — obviously a guy — thought a creepy underground murder tunnel would make an excellent food court. Unsurprisingly, it failed in spectacular fashion and remained boarded up and derelict until a couple years back, when it was turned into the occasional arts space. Friday morning, Rudi and I got our first chance to attend a free event there, and we were not disappointed with the ambience, which felt like a throwback to the slightly grittier neighborhood we’d moved into.

Dupont Underground Mural

3. Yesterday I stopped by another local farmers market to return the flat and pint containers our cherries had come in to the farmer. They were selling delicious peach lemonade, which I enjoyed while walking to the pool.

Seek True Meaning

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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