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October 31, 2018

posted by soe 1:27 am

Neighborhood Foliage

Today marks the 365th day in a row that I’ve posted here. It started out intentionally — the monthlong NaBloPoMo posting event that I’ve taken part in the past few years. And then it was followed by the Virtual Advent Tour — again something I’ve done before. But then, instead of taking time off to recuperate during Christmas break, I thought, well, let’s see how long we can keep this going…

And apparently that’s at least an additional 310 days.

There were two days where I slipped up, dozing off without publishing anything, but I rectified that as soon as I woke up, so I decided that it still counted for continuity.

In the previous year, I published only 168 posts, so that’s a solid 117% increase in output.

I’m not sure it’s an increase in quality in any way, but that’s something to work on in the year to come. Because while I won’t swear that I’m going to post every day from here on out, it’s mostly become habit, something I do before bed, just like washing the dishes and brushing my teeth.

Here’s to many more words together…

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