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October 16, 2018

random thoughts from connecticut
posted by soe 1:57 am

It’s been a long day and my thoughts are unwilling to slow down. I offer some of them to you in an effort to get them out of my head and to get something down here, no matter how free-form:

My dad’s surgery went well. As of right now, they plan to send him home tomorrow, which will make him very happy.

It will also make my parents’ dog very happy. She is very much THEIR dog and has been sulking in her bed much of the day. She also suffers anxiety during rainstorms, which means we’ve snuggled together a couple of times, as I have attempted to assure her that I will not let the rain storm get her. She did enjoy the drive to the grocery store, though…

Their cats were far more blasé about my parents’ absence. I mean, they’ve noticed, but as long as I continue to feed them, they’re chill.

I have been up since 7 a.m. How do you people do that on a regular basis? I mean, it just sucks.

I did not get bit by the tick I discovered crawling on my hand after I emptied the cats’ litter box outside this morning. And I did not lose it before I could dispose of it properly. Yuck.

I discovered last night that I screwed up the centering on my shawl two repeats back. I may rip back tomorrow evening in an effort to get back on track, but I may try dropping down just those relevant stitches first, though, to see if I can get away with doing it that way. I mean, the worst that’ll happen is that I’ll have to unravel it, right? In the meantime, I brought two pairs of socks with me…

When grabbing my suitcase to pack for my trip up here, I discovered my pair of jeans had never gotten put away after my last trip. This was a happy discovery, since I had another pair of jeans that had suddenly developed a hole and I was really surprised I hadn’t noticed my good pair was wearing through. I bought a new pair, though, because fall, so now I have two pairs and have found my good belt and the pair of leggings I assumed was hiding in my closet.

I read the first hundred pages of The Librarian and the Spy this evening. It’s cute so far.

I’m enjoying the reboot of Magnum on tv. It’s nothing deep, but it’s fun.

I spent much of the later part of tonight culling emails from my inbox. I deleted more than 10,000 messages, which feels pretty good, although I’d like to get it down just to the important ones. (My apologies to those of you that just gave palpatations to…)

The animals have all gone to bed. I suppose I should follow suit, because it’s another long day tomorrow. Plus, my mother asked me to sleep in their bedroom so the dog can wake me up if she needs to go out, and I haven’t been able to turn off her bedside lamp all day and I should figure that out before I get too tired and just deal with it by unplugging it…

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