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October 23, 2018

posted by soe 1:23 am

Remember how last week I discovered my shawl looked like this?


I theorized that instead of ripping back the eight or so long rows that I’d misknit, that since it was only that center pattern that was affected, I could just drop down the misknit stitches and then pick them back up correctly.

The challenge to this is that the fancy hole in the middle of the row is a make-7 stitch (where you turn one stitch into seven), which was going to be more difficult that just your normal use a crochet hook to pick up a row of stitches…

But as of tonight, the shawl now looks like this:


And now I’m back knitting the final few full-length rows before I start to bind off.

It wasn’t fun or easy and I’m not actually certain I saved any time in the process over ripping back (or, at least, over an ideal ripping back scenario where I get all the stitches on the needle to begin with.

But I was able to do it and the little bit of wonkiness you can see should block out when I’m done, since it’s just a matter of tension on those stitches.

The end is definitely in sight for this project!

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