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October 13, 2018

mid-october weekend to-do list
posted by soe 1:42 am

I already get to cross something off my to-do list because Rudi and I started our weekend at an author event at the library, which is an excellent way to begin a couple days off.

Other things I’d like to do this weekend:

  • Do some laundry.
  • Take in some of the H Street Festival, D.C.’s biggest neighborhood festival.
  • Check out the permanent storefront of D.C.’s newest bookstore, Solid State Books (They were still at their pop-up location when I visited in the spring.)
  • Knit.
  • Read.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Go to the library.
  • Spend a little time at the garden.
  • Snuggle with my cats and Rudi. (It’s finally cool enough to want to do that again!)
  • Fly to Connecticut. (I’m heading back up for a week for some family stuff.)

How about you? What are you hoping to do this weekend?

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