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September 29, 2018

game plan: do all the things
posted by soe 1:55 am

Final Friday Sunset of September

Portions of the next few weekends will be spent on the road, which means I need to make this last one at home count.

I’ll spend tomorrow morning at the garden doing some work on the communal spaces (and hopefully tending a bit to my own plot, which I’ve neglected of late). I need to make a trip to Georgetown to pick up a library hold and need to procure more quarters.

There are several festivals I’d like to take advantage of. Tomorrow afternoon is the the Barracks Row festival and tomorrow night is Art All Night, which runs until 3 a.m., although probably I won’t stay out the whole time (although maybe I will, because I like to encourage people to plan activities during my favorite hours, rather than in the morning). Sunday includes an arts center’s anniversary block party on the other side of town and the Turkish and Latinx festivals closer to home.

In between, I’d like to do some cooking, cleaning and laundry, hang some art on the walls, paint my nails, and hit the farmers market. I’m tired just thinking about it all, so I guess I’d better get in some sleep, too!

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