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September 8, 2018

two days to fill!
posted by soe 1:45 am

I’m back to only two days off, so I’m going to have to not plan a bazillion things to do this weekend. Maybe just a million. 😉

Tomorrow is looking like the clearer of the two days, which is good since we have a baseball game to attend tomorrow evening. Prior to that, I’d like to get to a festival in the Petworth neighborhood (that’s where I was on Monday, drinking horchata and taking photos of clouds and swimming in the pool). I also have some errands to run, like procuring quarters for laundry and finding new lightbulbs for our track lighting. (I think there’s a hardware store in Petworth, so that may work…)

Sunday is Adams Morgan Day, the annual festival in the neighborhood to our northeast. There’s usually good cheap Indian food to be had, and there’s a new ice cream shop I’d like to try and other eateries to investigate (it’s the home of the local popsicle shop, a coffeehouse, and a good bakery). Plus, there are usually some artisan vendors, so it’s always a good place to look for pottery and the like. I also need to hit the farmers market, since I used up all our onions (again) making more pasta sauce.

Somewhere in there I need to head up to the bookstore where I’m a member, because they’re having their quarterly sale. Ideally I like to tie that to a trip to the pizza place, but I suppose I don’t have to do that…

There’s also laundry to wash and cleaning to do and vegetables to roast and sweets to bake (cooler temps and the rain forecast for Sunday make that way more appealing than it was last weekend or even yesterday, when I made the sauce). There are knitting projects to work on and books to read and bicycling through Spain to watch and new cds to listen to after we go to the bookstore.

Should be a good weekend!

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