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September 17, 2018

storm-free weekending
posted by soe 1:10 am

"Sounds of Silence"

Friday night we had concert tickets to see Paul Simon perform here in D.C. (Yes, we saw him in Boston at the start of the summer. And we’ll see him again in New York City next weekend for the final tour performance of his career. Rudi is a big fan, and the D.C. dates weren’t announced originally, or we might not have travelled north.) He didn’t vary the songs at all, although the stories were different. He started off stronger this time, but he looked more tired. You believed him, when he sang, “I’m just trying to get some rest.”

On Saturday, I ran some errands and visited the garden, where I yanked out some plants that had grown to monster size and picked some tomatoes, beans, ground cherries, and peppers. I have peppers in a couple places in the garden, but thought one of the two plants in the back of the garden (near where the yellow jackets live) had died. Turns out, it was growing bell peppers (or something similar; less mature fruits were white) all summer long, and I had this lovely specimen to bring home, in addition to the two other types of peppers (one’s a sweet frying pepper and the other might be a poblano) that have matured.


Today included a trip to the farmers market, some time reading, more errands and laundry, and the final day of the last grand tour race of the cycling season on tv.

Honestly, the weekend felt a bit off, or maybe the weekend felt fine and I felt off. But either way, it was disappointing, which feels weird and ungrateful to say about several days that did not include dangerous weather conditions or water seeping into my apartment, particularly when so many others were not so fortunate.

The week ahead is a busy one, with my last free evening just having been filled with an anti-Kavanaugh protest. Please don’t forget to contact your senators, particularly with this week’s revelations. We have more power than we think, but we have to wield it. (Since I lack senators, you get to hear me ask again and again for you to avail yourselves of yours on my behalf. Even senators we think are solidly on the correct side of things should be dropped an email or phone call/voice mail, since they don’t know you think this is important if you don’t tell them, and they might be swung by those they do hear from. This is a lifetime appointment, and we’ll have the rest of ours to rue this if we don’t do enough.)

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