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September 3, 2018

toasty day game
posted by soe 1:22 am

Day Game

Today I had tickets to see the Nationals, courtesy of the D.C. Public Library summer reading program. It was relentlessly sunny and humid, so I opted to not sit in my seats and instead to stand behind the seats under the scoreboard in right-center field drinking cold beverages. Both Rudi and I were late getting to the game, having come from other activities, but there was still plenty of action in what we saw. As I walked up, the Nationals tied the game and then took the lead. Unfortunately it wasn’t for long, and just as Rudi arrived, the Brewers hit a grand slam to put them ahead irreversibly.

But baseball is baseball and any day at the ballpark can’t be all bad (even if we did totally have to take a nap when we got home this evening).

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