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June 22, 2018

auntie, aglow, and that was a hoot
posted by soe 3:22 am

Bang Chandelier

Walking home from the library in the rain the other night, I walked closer to the building than usual trying to stay dry and saw this chandelier in an otherwise unremarkable and empty entryway.

Here are three other beautiful things from my past week:

1. We haven’t seen Sam’s son, Max, since he was a baby, so there’s no way he’d remember us, but he warms to us quickly and is soon giggling and seeking shelter in my legs from the “Daddy monster” he wants to chase him in the park. Karen’s children, Marshall and Livia, are older and have seen me in recent memory, but they’re both shy when we arrive. But by the end, they are eagerly elbowing each other out of the way (metaphorically, not literally) to fill in what they perceive to be woeful gaps in my understanding of Minecraft and Pokemon.

2. I first started seeing fireflies about two weeks ago, but in the past week, the numbers have picked up significantly and it seems like everywhere you look at night there’s a slow-blinking bug.

3. At my parents’ house, you can sometimes hear owls loudly calling to one another from quite nearby, and my parents have seen them several times. As I was walking their dog down the driveway on Sunday, a large one flew across our path about fifty yards away and settled high up, but in a clear sightline, in a tree across the street. A few seconds later, a smaller owl also flew in front of us. It all happened so fast that I couldn’t tell if they were mates or parent and child. Later, when we were walking back up the driveway, I could hear them calling to each other in the woods, saying to wait us out.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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