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June 9, 2018

weekend planning
posted by soe 12:39 am


Rudi and I decided that the way to start the weekend was with a viewing of Won’t You Be My Neighbor, the documentary about Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. We’re biased fans of his, but the film was incredibly moving and will help remind you of all the good in the world. If it’s playing at any movie theaters near you, I highly recommend seeing it.

The weekend is looking stormy (it seems to be a trend), which may affect some of my plans, but I’ll play it by ear. If my ears are working, here’s what they might hear:

  • Festivals: There are two neighborhood festivals tomorrow, as well as the Pride Parade. Pride will go on regardless of the rain; I’ll have to see if the festivals will, too.
  • Books: Politics & Prose is having its quarterly member sale and I have some gifts I need to buy. Rudi wants to go, too, so that might mean a trip for pizza afterwards!
  • Award shows: The Tonys are Sunday evening. It’s the only award show I actually like watching. And that’s even when I don’t have a vested interest in the outcome. (By vested, please understand I mean have seen a single nominated play and would like it to win all the awards.)
  • Knitting: But I’ll still be knitting through them.
  • The library: Stuff to return. Hopefully after finishing one more book.
  • The farmers market: We’re out of eggs and I hear cherries may be available. I’m also hoping for fava beans, but have no basis for that hope.
  • Gardening: Rudi and I haven’t been since Monday and we’ve had sun, so I’m hopeful there will be more peas and strawberries. I’d like to get some planting and weeding done, but it might need to wait until another day if there are thunderstorms.
  • Cat supplies: We’re getting low on litter and wet food, and the cats will definitely like me more if I don’t run out of the latter and I will like them more if I don’t run out of the latter.
  • My desk: I hear rumors it’s under that pile of papers over there.
  • Laundry.
  • Nail polish: I stripped my nails earlier in the week, so they could have a couple days of air.
  • Vacation planning: I’d like to figure out a couple beach trips and some time to visit with friends.
  • Swimming: But only if there’s not a thunderstorm, which the forecast keeps telling me is increasingly likely to occur all weekend.
  • Writing: I have a couple blog posts rattling around in my head. I’d like to let them out.

Huh. That’s a surprisingly long list.

I hope your weekend weather is more conducive to outdoor activities than mine is looking to be. What do you have planned?

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