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June 6, 2018

the food of new york
posted by soe 1:04 am

Some of the best parts of traveling are the meals you get to have. Here are some of the places we ate last week while in New York City:

Ice Cream in Brooklyn

You’ve already seen this shot of us on the roof deck of Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn, just down the street from our hotel. It’s really lucky that their hours only worked with our schedule one day out of the three. My cone was Snap Mallow Pop (a deconstructed Rice Krispie treat) and Nonna D’s Oatmeal Lace (a brown sugar ice cream with oatmeal lace cookies in it). Rudi opted for double chocolate and fresh strawberry.

Beer Time

Between visiting Prospect Park and having supper at a burger joint, we stopped at The Kings Beer Hall, a beer garden we were walking past after finding an open bike dock for Rudi’s bike (I totally dock blocked him and another girl). We were their last outdoor customers of the day, and really enjoyed the gigantic pretzel (served on a baking sheet) that came out of the oven after I took this shot. They also had a pinball machine inside, which made us both really happy.

Brooklyn Breakfast

Wednesday morning, we went to Runner & Stone, a bakery just around the corner from our hotel that Rudi had discovered on a trip to the City in December. This is one of the best chocolate almond croissants I’ve ever had. We came back on our final morning as well, and had peach tarts.

Greenmarket at Union Square

Farmers Market Lunch

We headed into Manhattan for the play, but had left enough time to stop at the Greenmarket at Union Square for lunch. We wandered around, sampling jams, cheese, and alcohol; purchased some grains to bring home; and built ourselves a picnic lunch of baguette and peppercorn chèvre, strawberries, drinkable yogurt, chocolate milk, cider doughnuts, and potato chips (which we didn’t end up eating there after all).

High Line

I have no picture of the rather mediocre pizza we got down in Hells Kitchen between parts 1 and 2 of the show, but we got to eat it outside on the High Line with a view of the Hudson.

On Thursday after checking out of our hotel, Rudi wanted to go to a bike shop a couple blocks away and see if they had pads for his helmet and I found a couple bookstores nearby, so we parted ways. After checking out one of them, I turned up the hill to find this sight:

Doughnut Plant Brooklyn

Doughnut Details

This is the Brooklyn outpost of Doughnut Plant, an independent doughnut shop. Check out the mosaics that make up their seating! I bought several doughnuts, some of which we ate that day and some of which we ate after we got home. I think the highlight was the coconut cream, made each day from fresh coconuts, but Rudi may have a different opinion.

Hot Chocolate

After Rudi and I met up again, we walked over to the other bookstore, pausing at NuNu Chocolates, when the wafting chocolate scent pulled me in off the street.

Lunch at Sky Ice

We ended our trip with lunch at Sky Ice, a Thai restaurant that serves food from a variety of regions of Thailand. I had the lunch special and Rudi had a northern Thai curry. It was all so filling (and we were running later than we’d hoped for our bus home), that we nearly turned down the scoop of ice cream that came with my lunch. But we took it to go and finished it on the way back to grab our luggage and hit the subway.

It was a delicious trip. Good thing we got so much walking in!

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