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June 4, 2018

posted by soe 1:57 am

Well, that was a weekend, wasn’t it?

After catching our first outdoor movie of the summer, I really expected the weekend to be chock full of activity. And, yet, despite my having my usual game plan, it just wasn’t.

Some of it, I realize, was a reaction to having just spent a number of days in activity. Some of it was caused by having this major project launching tomorrow, which necessitated going into the office on a Saturday night. It certainly wasn’t helped by today’s steady rain and yesterday’s steady mizzle. But I think most of it was just bad attitude and lethargy.

Early June Garden

The weekend wasn’t wholly a loss. As I said, I got quite a bit of work done that would otherwise have needed to be done tomorrow morning. I did stop by the garden, where I picked lettuce, strawberries, and peas (which are all flourishing thanks to all this rain), and the library, where I returned some of the overdue items.

I tried out a new dessert shop, where I had a delicious piece of key lime pie at the recommendation of the woman who waited on me and who also offered to refill my tea cup without prompting.

I wandered down to where there was supposed to be a pre-Stanley Cup concert by Sting and Shaggy, stood around for a while, before deciding they must have performed before my arrival. I then went and tried on clothes for a bit. Several things fit well enough, but didn’t wow me. I didn’t need anything (although really wouldn’t have minded some new additions to my wardrobe) and try never to buy things I feel only so-so about unless there is a pressing need. So, I left, gift card still intact, and returned to the office to productively power through my work.

I fixed some things that needed repairing, including some things I’d broken in my prior two days at work. And then I escaped the office via a bus that must have pulled away just before gleeful hockey fans descended, since it was nearly empty when I boarded.

This morning we had a damp stroll through the farmers market, where it was obvious that other people had chosen to remain home, given the full stands hours into the day. The poor farmers were devising rain specials, and Rudi and I came home with a flat of strawberries for a remarkably reasonable price (cheaper than I could have picked them for, and without the achy back that accompanies hours of bending over ground plants).

We came home, changed back into pjs from our wet clothes, and enjoyed hot beverages and tasty treats. We also watched a surprising amount of television. I finished one of my overdue books and spoke with my parents. Then we ate a very tasty pizza Rudi made, and I cut up and froze slightly more than half the berries while listening first to music (because getting going on tasks I don’t enjoy are always helped by sing-along ’80s music) and then to the audiobook I’m currently enjoying.

And that’s it. There’s really nothing to do with a disappointing weekend, but to acknowledge it’s gone sideways and then bid it adieu, knowing that you only have to get through a hand’s worth of days until the next one, which once again holds the golden promise of untold quantities of fun and accomplishment.


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