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January 29, 2018

posted by soe 1:08 am

My weekend did not include everything on my list, but it did include a lot of it.

Vegetable Tacos from Chaia

On Saturday, I slept the morning away and then spent the afternoon in Georgetown. I did a little shopping, visited the library, and took myself out to lunch. There were vegetarian tacos and hot chocolate and reading outside and in. Rudi and I spent the evening watching a video, Pirate Radio, about one of the ships in the mid-1960s England that played rock-and-roll radio because the BBC refused to do so.

Cocoa and Real Friends

Today, I went to the farmers market and another library, hung out with the cats, did some laundry and some tidying, and knit a little. Rudi and I had raclette for supper before he called it a night. I stayed up for cocoa and cookies and worked on a blog post for later in the week.

A quiet weekend, but a nice one.

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