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January 11, 2018

early january unraveled
posted by soe 1:59 am

Corey, Turtles, and a Boomerang

After ripping back the heel over the weekend, I haven’t touched my socks in a couple days. Instead, I’ve gone back to the Boomerang Cowl. I finished up one ball of yarn and need to wind up the second skein to finish the project up. It doesn’t look like much on the needles, so I’m hopeful blocking makes it pretty.

Since I didn’t finish the overdue Turtles All the Way Down last weekend, I really need to wrap it up this week. I’m still listening to Pirate King’s Daughter, but that expires in less than a week and I have three other books out on audio to follow it, so obviously I need to get a move on. I like the reader for it, though; she gives the main character, Alosa, a lot of spunk.

That’s it for me. Head over to Kat for links to more posts on books and knitting.

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