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January 4, 2018

knitting thoughts in the new year
posted by soe 1:15 am

I’ll round up some photos of my finished knitting projects of 2017 over the weekend and do a look back, but in the meantime, I’ve been contemplating what I’d like to do this coming year.

Whatever I write here will inevitably fall apart as I decide that I don’t like being told what to do, not even by myself, and so screw all those well-intentioned goals set at the beginning of the year. I recognize this in myself, so these are merely things that would be nice if they happened, rather than militant must-do’s.

Cable Needle Multitasking

That said, I still have some thoughts:

First: It would be awesome to have a sweater at the end of the year. I have sweater-quantities of yarn, I have UFOs. Whatever. I also have cold wrists.

I would like to learn brioche knitting. I keep favoring patterns on Ravelry that are brioche and clearly lots of people learn how to do it, so I just need to sit myself down and follow some directions. Even if I discover I hate knitting that style, I will at least be able to discount those patterns because of dislike, rather than ignorance.

I’d like to make a few projects for other people. I have yarn I’ve bought with specific folks in mind and it would be nice both for me to present them with gifts made for them and for some of that the yarn to exit the premises (as said gifts).

I have both a lot of unfinished projects lying around and a lot of finished knitwear out of rotation in need of mending. I’d like to decrease the number of both by either finishing or fixing ones that still work or by unraveling or tossing those that don’t.

I’d like to participate in Sock Madness, the Tour de France Knitalong, and the Ravelympics and come away from all three with finished projects of one kind or another.

I’d set a specific goal for number of finished projects, but that seems pointless. But let’s say 12 projects either completed or mended anyway, just for pointlessness’ sake.

Generally, I’ve felt weighed down the last couple years both by the vast number of skeins of yarn and by the number of occupied project bags abandoned around my apartment. I don’t want to take away the joy of knitting, because then I won’t do it, but I’d just like there to be a focus on achieving more by there being less, if that makes any sense.

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