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January 8, 2018

new year weekending
posted by soe 1:37 am

I finally got off my butt this weekend and did some walking. It’s been a while since I hit my target number of steps/active minutes, according to my phone. But volleyball kicks back in next week, so it’s good to get moving this week in preparation.

Winter Sunset

Since I was out and about and in need of cornichon (as one is, occasionally), I headed to Georgetown, where I was greeted by a snow couple:

Georgetown Snow Couple

I also got to see some of Glow, the holiday light display:

Glow Installation

Since today was Russian Christmas (Rudi’s mom was born in Russia), we celebrated with presents and a fancy supper. We opted to forgo borsht, our usual Russian supper, in favor of raclette, an Alpen dish of stuff dunked in cheese, because I found our grill when I was at my folks’ place and cold weather just demands hot cheese. We had two types of cheese, boiled potatoes (including the ones we harvested from our garden this fall), sopressata (okay, that was only Rudi), and the aforementioned pickles. It was delicious and we felt very elegant.

Russian Christmas Raclette

I finished the evening by ripping back the heel on my sock because it made the stripe do weird things at the heel. (I want to see if knitting an extra section and starting later will make the heel transition less obvious.)

Sock Progress

I knocked off a book I’d been reading off and on for a couple months. Not either of the ones that are overdue, mind you, although I did put a dent in one of them yesterday.

I also finished another book earlier in the weekend, washed all my hand-knit socks, slept in, mailed some Christmas cards, hit the farmers market, and watched The Christmas Prince on Netflix, which was actually pretty cute.

All in all, a nice first weekend of the year. May there be many more to come.

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