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January 12, 2018

sweet cinema, sloppy, and stunned
posted by soe 12:59 am

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. I had the chance to see Paddington 2 earlier this week, and highly recommend you do so, too. Like the first movie, this film has a luminous cast who give strong performances, a solid script aimed at both youngsters and those young at heart, and gags and jokes that remain funny without tipping over into stupid, crass, or childish. (The first film is streaming on Netflix and I assume it’s available in other places, including on dvd at your local library.)

2. For his Russian Christmas present, I invited Rudi, who grew up in Salt Lake following his local basketball team, to watch the Jazz play the Wizards this week. While there were several moments of grace and gravity defiance on the court, the game really was marked by a lack of attention to detail, a seeming dislike for running plays or covering offensive boards, and, on the Jazz’s part, an inability to pay attention to the shot clock — all of which was mind-boggling to someone who follows the high caliber of the UConn women’s basketball team. And, yet, the game was surprisingly close and, in the end, the Jazz prevailed, so we counted the evening — and the gift — a success.

3. My coworker, who hosts a short weekday radio program in which he interviews scientists doing current research, celebrated its 30th year on the air this week. A colleague organized a surprise party for him, including several top muckety-mucks from our organization, but he’d decided to go cover an event without telling anyone, which meant that he had to be lured back to the office through subterfuge with increasingly urgent emails and texts telling him there were potential funders waiting to meet him. He flew into the office in a bit of a panic and stopped, dumbfounded, when we all shouted, “Surprise!”

How about you? what’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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