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April 21, 2010

it’s good to have goals
posted by soe 11:57 pm

I am reminded that the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is a mere ten days away and I have goals to accomplish by then.

Last year I bought this:

The Goods

That would be two skeins of sock yarn, two skeins of yarn for a sweater, and a skein of worsted weight yarn. All but the last are in projects currently underway.

By the time I head to the festival, I would be very excited if both pairs of socks were finished (both are currently stalled in mid-second sock blahs), the green Malabrigo had been cast on, and if I had resumed my summer-weight sweater that I failed to pursue past the first front panel back in February.

Then I can head to the festival with a clear conscience.

I mean, ideally it would be great if all four projects were complete, but let’s not set ourselves up for failure at the outset, shall we?

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