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April 8, 2010

camelly family, cherries, and splish splash
posted by soe 11:00 pm

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. It’s been a week of Conn friend surprises: Eri and ECN come to town unannounced and invite us to dinner. Erik calls to chat. Jason phones to say he’ll be out here later in the month and could we get together.

2. Monday is a particularly long, exhausting work day, and I don’t find out until after I rise Tuesday morning that India has canceled our 8 a.m. conference call. I decide to celebrate by going into the office a bit late on a gorgeously blue morning and biking down to catch the cherry blossoms before they disappear.

3. It’s raining when we get out of the theater and still when we get home. After Rudi parks the car, we snuggle back into our seats, hold hands, and listen to the rain fall.

What’s been beautiful in your life recently?

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my d.c.: through the window
posted by soe 1:42 am

I admit it: I totally peer into other people’s windows. I mean, I’m no peeping tom, but if your curtains are open, I’m going to glance in as I amble past your house. You see lots of cool things that way, from window decorations to collections to fun room set-ups.

This window is located in a row house up the street from the Burrow:

Artists Inn Staircase

That’s the Artists Inn Residence, whose website I suggest visiting. It’s the sort of place I’d love to stay if I were rich and needed to stay mere blocks away from where I lived.

If you were the sort of person who hurries past, never glancing inside, you would totally miss the gift the owners have given their guests (and passersby):

Riser Poetry

That’s from Homer’s Odyssey and is an invitation from Telemachus (Odysseus and Penelope’s son) to Athena, the goddess of wisdom:

“… But come now, stay with me, eager though you are for your journey,
so that you may first bathe and take your ease and, well rested
and happy in your heart, then go back to your ship with a present,
something prized, altogether fine, which will be your keepsake
from me, what loving guests and hosts bestow on each other.”

How about you? Anyone else an unabashed window peeker?

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