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April 2, 2010

darnedest things, harmony, and yin-yang
posted by soe 1:26 am

I escaped the day with nary a fish taped to my back, but the universe got me back by work keeping me (and a bunch of my coworkers) until nearly 9 p.m. Yikes! I biked home, ate lentils, and promptly dozed off on the unmade bed. But I’m back up to help make the bed, wash the dinner dishes, and write a blog post before heading to sleep for the night.

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. As I biked home tonight, a tourist family crossed a major road where I was stopped at the light. Halfway across the street, the youngest child lost the jacket tied around his waist. When they eventually reach the sidewalk I overhear the mother chastise her daughter, saying that the middle of the street wasn’t the place to laugh, even if she had thought it was her brother’s trousers lying in the intersection. “But if it hadn’t been the middle of the road, it would have been okay to laugh?” the girl dead-panned.

2. While Rudi skis, Jenny and I spend a quiet hour knitting socks and watching a documentary on Zora Neale Hurston on PBS.

3. Sitting in the parking lot before Rudi’s reunion banquet, I see the nearly full moon rising over the eastern mountains just as the sun is setting over the western ones.

What’s been beautiful in your world this week? New family members? First blooms? A dry basement? Share it with us, please!

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