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April 17, 2010

sometimes living in a city stinks…
posted by soe 12:34 am

Because while back in Middletown sometimes my ripe tomatoes would walk, never did the whole plant disappear…

From the sign currently attached to our railing upstairs, behind which once sat a lovely rosemary plant:

Dear Plant Thief,

There are only three scenarios we can envision when taking someone else’s plant are acceptable:

1. You have Alzheimer’s or some other degenerative brain function disease and honestly believed that you lived here and this plant was yours. If this was the case, you have bigger problems and are forgiven.

2. You are homeless and are trying to chew herbal sprigs to keep your boss or teacher from finding out from your rotten breath. If this was the case, bring back our plant & we’ll leave you a toothbrush instead.

3. You weren’t paying attention and your dog peed on our plant. Thinking that it wasn’t hygienic to let us eat the plant anymore, you took our plant hoping to replace it with an identical one from the garden shop this evening. If this was the case, we expect to see a rosemary plant here this evening.

If you don’t fall into any of these categories and you took our rosemary plant, then you are just a mean person and your parents didn’t raise you right.

Bring back our rosemary plant!


Your Neighbors

This would refer to the only plant that survived the great plant-napping of last August:

pissed off sign

Can’t you just feel my outrage in this picture of the sign I made back then? (Kudos to Sarah, who I knew snapped the shot, even if it took me a while to track it down.)

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