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February 4, 2010

sheepdogs, yogurt, and record time
posted by soe 11:41 pm

It’s Thursday, also known as Snowmageddon Eve. D.C. is now slated to get 16-26 inches of snow between tomorrow morning and Sunday. Very exciting…

(I can say that because I currently have 10 videos and several books out from the library; a kitchen stocked for baking, preparing meals of grilled cheese and tomato soup, and pouring mugs of steaming hot chocolate; and miles of yarn.)

But before the snow arrives, let’s look backwards at three beautiful things from this past week:

1. On my way home from the metro, I spy a man walking his two Old English Sheepdogs. The older one is well groomed, with hair long enough to keep him warm but not so long as to be mistaken for a duster. The young one’s coat hasn’t reached a full winter weight yet and his black hasn’t faded to grey.

2. I stop in to a dairy near my office to buy some cheese for sandwiches during the upcoming Snowmageddon and leave with a container of strawberry yogurt, too. It’s from a Pennsylvania farm and is made with whole milk and may have been the best strawberry yogurt in the history of humankind.

3. I headed to the DMV to finish registering my car on Saturday morning. Although I set the alarm to go off Very Early, I didn’t drag myself out of the house until after 10:30. I wandered to Georgetown through a snowy Rose Park and arrived at the DMV to (not surprisingly) find a crowd. Yet the line at the triage counter was only two people deep and I had a number and a form to fill out within five minutes of arriving. And I hadn’t really even had time to start filling out the form before my number was called. The woman helping me was pleasant, as we chatted about her eleven years on the job. A mere twelve minutes after getting my number (and certainly less than 20 minutes from walking in the door), I was on my way with a fully registered D.C. car. Thanks for a beautiful experience (and one I certainly didn’t expect to be equally as painfree as last week’s ease at the inspection station), D.C. DMV!

So, what’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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goodbye, butterstick!
posted by soe 1:40 am


Tai Shan, better and more affectionately known to D.C. locals as “Butterstick,” is leaving town tomorrow to head back to China.

Butterstick's First Day in Public

We’ll miss you, Butterstick. We enjoyed watching you grow up and know you’ll make the District proud as you make a new life in your parents’ native land.

An apprehensive Butterstick

Good luck!

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