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February 8, 2010

where do i live exactly?!?!
posted by soe 11:26 pm

Tomorrow’s and Wednesday’s forecast holds a second blizzard for D.C. with the meteorologists predicting another 10-20 inches and high winds.

I know I was just writing about how I missed living in New England, but I would like to reiterate for capricious gods that the part I was homesick for was the people, not the weather. (Although I may not have reached snow fatigue quite yet, digging my car out today just so it can get plowed in again tomorrow may move me in that direction.)

Suffice it to say, no work again tomorrow, at least after the 8 a.m. conference call I have with India. (Yes, the whole country…)

Luckily, we still have videos. And we picked up another half gallon of milk at the local shop this evening. Think the library will have some leniency about due dates for my books?

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a few snow shots
posted by soe 3:23 am

I’ll be testing some slideshow software later, but thought I’d give you a few shots to tide you over…

The Soemobile shortly after the snow started sticking:

Snowy Soemobile

And today:

Soemobile... We Think

The Connecticut and R intersection, Friday at “rush hour”:

Connecticut and R, Looking South

Yesterday, shortly before the snow ended:

Street Walking

And today:

Connecticut and R, Looking North: The Day After

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