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February 6, 2010

snow watch: 2.6.10, 12:05 a.m.
posted by soe 12:14 am

We’re just in from our third pass at shoveling, after a 20-foot limb came down from the tree outside our building. There’s nothing we can do about the branch without a saw (which we don’t have), but the only collateral damage seems to be to the fence outside our window well. It missed three sets of windows and a car parked outside and has fallen in such a way that it doesn’t block anyone’s walkway or the street and its most navigable spot is directly over the sidewalk.

We and our upstairs neighbor have shaken off the magnolia tree to try to prevent that from breaking, but who knows what the 1-3″/hour storm will do overnight.

Next update in the morning… Now, for me, a mug of hot, strong tea, the end of our Gilmore Girls episode, and a cupcake bought this afternoon.

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