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February 7, 2010

woo and hoo!
posted by soe 6:11 pm

Snow day tomorrow!

I love D.C.!

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snowmageddon: the storm ends
posted by soe 3:40 am

Snowmageddon ’10 finished dumping white fluff on us just over 24 hours after the first flakes began sticking to the roads. As John, Rudi, and I left Teaism at 5 this afternoon, blue skies were showing just in time to allow for a pink sunset over snow-laden trees.

I awoke at my normal time this morning, looked out the window at the downpour of snow and the high piles I could see from our below-ground vantage point, and decided that it seemed like a good morning to sleep in. Apparently what that really meant was a good morning to sleep through, as I didn’t get up until after noon.

We ventured out to join our friend John at a flash mob snowball fight at Dupont Circle, where we dallied in the median for an hour or two before deciding that it was cooling off, that we were tired of kicking up snow with our boots to throw, and that a hot beverage sounded awfully appealing.

Rudi and I spent the evening at home, foregoing a planned trip to the Hill for a party (sorry, Pat and Heidi) in favor of grilled cheese and tomato soup in front of a movie. We finished up the night with some post-SNL cookie baking.

All in all, a pleasant way to pass a Saturday.

(D.C. is dealing with the snow quite well, I thought, avoiding many of the histrionics of the neighboring states. The plows have come through the snow routes near our house regularly and there is hope of resuming bus service on Monday morning. Our farmers’ market has been cancelled for tomorrow morning, but I think that’s more due to the farmers being unable to leave their own areas and reach us safely than our ability to receive them with open and shoveled arms. Luckily, I bought extra greens last week, so we should be okay.)

Photos tomorrow. Really this time…

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