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February 20, 2010

a change of scenery
posted by soe 10:38 am

It’s 7:35 a.m. on the West Coast and I’m finally awake. After a quick shower and ironing of the skirt I’m going to wear to work today, I’m going to head outside and find someplace I can sit in the sun with some breakfast. Weather Underground claims that it’s currently raining lightly here, so I hope the blue skies don’t disappear while I’m in the shower. Either way, it’s still in the 50s, so you won’t hear me complain!

ETA: Definitely more cloud cover, but not still some sun.

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greetings from san diego!
posted by soe 1:36 am

I may have forgotten my swimsuit, but my instincts aren’t all bad. I had been in the city less than an hour before I managed to find a local cupcake bakery.

Internet access from my hotel room is free, so expect to hear from me more this weekend…

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