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March 26, 2009

a “w,” paid advertising, and lazy sunday
posted by soe 3:32 pm

Sorry for the blog silence. We’re having connectivity woes at home and I was sick yesterday.

As I play catch-up on some other posts, I give you three beautiful things from my week to think about:

1. UConn handily advances to the Sweet Sixteen with a trouncing of Florida. Berkeley is our next opponent, but I don’t envision as easy a win.

2. Qualcomm has bought out every billboard at Metro Center. Every time I enter or leave the station, I’m reminded of Grey Kitten. I think it’s nice of his employer to do that for me.

3. On Sunday, Rudi went off for his first long ride of the year, so after I hit the farmers’ market, I headed to Georgetown to spend the day by myself. The sky was blue and the sun was warming, so first I laid by the canal, then later moved down to the bank of the Potomac for a nap. Although by the time I rose to head home I needed a shawl, for a while I had bare toes.

The powers of collective thought are strong, so I’m hoping you’ll all do me a favor. Tomorrow morning, my friend Rebecca is having surgery. If you could keep her in your thoughts and send healing vibes and prayers toward Washington state, I’d be grateful.

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