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March 9, 2009

checking in
posted by soe 12:35 pm

Monday Morning Music will return on Tuesday, which will be Monday for me.

I’ve had a lovely weekend and am enjoying day three, aka The Worst Monday of the Year. (ETA: It’s only the Worst Monday when you have to get up for work an hour earlier than you did before Daylight Savings Time kicked in. Since I did not, my Monday was absolutely lovely.)

Saturday we had sun in the morning and comfortable temperatures. Mum baked a delicious cake for Gramma’s birthday. I bought two handfuls of seed packets from the store, remembering that I had difficulty finding them in the District last year. I’ll give you the run-down of the potential garden plants later in the week.

Yesterday, Karen and I met up in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut for lunch. She is looking lovely at the end of her second trimester, and it was so nice to be able to spend the entire afternoon together. When we both lived in Connecticut we’d get together several times a month, so our get-togethers are something I really miss. We decided to switch our meeting spot this time and I think that Pomfret might be a good future spot to meet, since they have lots of hiking trails and a nice restaurant with outdoor seating. It felt so nice to eat lunch outside in the sun without coats being necessary. Last night my folks surprised me with chocolate-dipped strawberries and some lovely birthday presents. We followed a late dinner with an episode of the original Mickey Mouse Club and some music from the Johnny Cash Show.

This morning I slept late before getting up so I could block Gramma’s quilt (her Christmas present, belatedly finished). It’s upstairs drying on our bed. What a luxury doors to keep cats away from blocking pins are! You never appreciate a bedroom so much as when you don’t have one! Now I’m sitting at the computer, with music playing in the background, lunch preparation noises coming from the kitchen, and snow falling outside. The birds at the feeder disappeared for a while when the precipitation was switching from rain to sleet, but once it turned back to snow, they returned. A red-capped woodpecker stopped by to visit with the smaller birds and a small red squirrel shimmied his way up the metal pole holding the feeders to ensconce himself at the feeder. Boy was he surprised when Mum popped out to shoo him away! The pines out the window behind the computer are starting to show a white icing and the large flakes have nearly covered the ground. I know my family is tired of snow, but I think it’s really sweet of the weather gods to give us such a nice show before we head back to the warm climes down south.

Talk to you tomorrow from D.C.!

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