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March 23, 2009

monday music at midday: the kennedys
posted by soe 1:26 pm

Sometimes I go looking for a particular song for the Monday forays into my music and have trouble finding it online. Other times, there are videos, but they’re terrible quality. (Yes, I know you may find that hard to believe based on some of the videos I do share.)

So, today, I wanted to highlight The Kennedys’ “Life Is Large,” the title track from the husband-and-wife duo’s second album. It’s my favorite song of theirs and contains the couplet that I’ve included in the signature file in my email for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, there’s only one video for the song, shot at Falcon Ridge, from what might have been a camera phone. It was fine, but not what I was hoping for.

In the hunt, though, sometimes you find other gems. Sometimes they’re covers by other artists, but other times it’s a track by an artist that you just hadn’t seen until that moment. Which brings me to this video, a cover of The Beatles’ tune, “A Day in the Life.” I hope you’ll agree it’s a worthy substitute:

And if you’re still curious about the song I was hoping to spotlight, here’s an audio version of Pete and Maura’s album cut. John Gorka provides backing vocals and Roger McGuinn of The Byrds plays 12-string, with others: “Life Is Large.” (Firefox readers beware: it may open as a pop-up.)

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